I’m just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dream. Currently I’m dating the love of my life, going to school to be a chemical engineer, and pursuing my dream of becoming a rock star. In this blog I’ll mention the first two a few times, but I like to keep my relationship personal (because it is), and chemical engineering isn’t really that fun to talk about period.

This blog is exactly what it says it is- “How to become a rock star: my path to becoming a rock star.” I will talk about things I’ve learned in my journey. Sometimes I’ll mention key points (like how to write a song, recording tips, and live performances, etc.), but mostly I’ll talk about my experiences from my perspective. Becoming a rock star isn’t something easily done (if it were I would already be one), so I hope someone out there gets some inspiration from this.

I’ve also loved charity work, and hope that I can one day help to inspire the bedridden patients in hospitals to keep fighting, to put shoes on those children whose parents can’t afford them, and to inspire teamwork and unity all around the world.

So join me on my journey, and maybe one day we can help change the world together

-Mike Scott


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