Linkin Park: In the End… It Began


Christmas morning. I remember the cool basement air as my hands scrambled to open each present as fast as I could. I’m pretty sure every 15 year old loves Christmas. In one of those little gift boxes that looks like Chinese takeout I found it, my ticket to the upcoming Linkin Park show. I was so excited. I was that kid who would take the booklets from the CD case and study all the lyrics and artwork. I knew every word by heart and probably still do. It was that much better that P.O.D., Hoobastank and Story of the Year were opening, all great bands.

The arena boomed with music as the crowd shuffled in. We walked into the main area where I could see the stage. Suddenly the music, muffled by the hordes of people, suddenly became clear. I was hypnotized. AS we found our assigned seats I couldn’t look away. My chest vibrated with every beat of the kick drum and from the sheer power of the bass. The guitarist from Story of the Year swung his guitar around his neck like it was nothing, and later on did a back flip on stage while still playing. Hoobastank and P.O.D. were amazing. Then there was Linkin Park. I’d never seen a laser show; I didn’t think bands even did that. Every song was amazing. As the bands encouraged us to sing along I felt like I was a part of it. I didn’t realize this concert would be the start of a lifetime of going to shows and eventually performing on stage myself. This was only the beginning.


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