Early Days

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved singing, I grew up in a family where it seemed everyone was gifted in music in some way or another. I was exposed to Classic rock, blues, hard rock, hardcore punk, metal, country, pop, big band swing, choral music, church hymns, emo, alternative, opera, classical, rockabilly, oldies, and basically any type of music. I was immersed in it all.


I began singing in choirs at the age of 12, and during high school I took classes in creative writing and music theory. I even took classical voice lessons (I wanted to be the next Josh Groban). I had a little voice recorder that I would record my many song ideas and lyric ideas. I would carry that little thing everywhere in case I had ideas that I wouldn’t be able to write down. I even wrote a song for a girl I liked in high school. I’ll admit though, these “songs” and song ideas were terrible, but it was a learning experience. As much as I wanted to write a number one hit on my first try, I was far from it. Here’s a sample of a “number one hit in the making”



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